About SMA

SMA is an independent Non-Governmental and non- profit making organization registered under the laws of Somali. It seeks to uplift the health status of, adolescents, children and the society in general in Somali by enhancing the capacity and potential of medical doctors to respond through determined action involving advocacy, information and service provision, to meet their special needs and whose main agenda is voluntary in nature. Currently we have over 1000+ members, which includes up country branches in south, central, Eastern and north regions.


To build a sustainable professional association of medical and dental practitioners that will advance the delivery of qualitative healthcare services through continuing professional development, advocacy, and research and public education in collaboration with other stakeholders


Professional body committed to promote an efficient healthcare delivery, high ethical standards and protect the interest of its members.

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President's Messasge

Prof. Mohamed Yusuf Hassan

SMA has recommitted itself to major public health efforts, together with governmental, national and international partners like the UN Organizations or private groups from professional organizations to patient groups and industry. We act with an awareness for the Social Determinants of Health as fundamental challenges to our societies, but also to our profession. We specifically work to strengthen the use of immunizations, fight tobacco and aim to reduce the abuse of antibiotics